Thursday, February 19, 2004

My Miserable Life

Great read. Here's a small sample:

I have sex with my stuffed animal penguins (1/1/00) - Darson, Texas, Age 21

First off I am schizophrenic. I am a fat nasty dike!!! I used to be sexy and a huge slut at that. But since the death of the last person on Earth to know I exist, my dad, who fucked me every night since I was 10 without my mom ever knowing about it, I have eaten my way out of the misery. Now, with no friends, no family, no money, I just found out I am pregnant with my dead dad's baby. Now to keep my self occupied I bite my toenails nervously and pleasure my self with a candle stick while indulging in my penguin fetish. Humans don't like me... at least I cant get dumped by a penguin! My life is so pathetic I have sex with my stuffed animal penguins. I am 21 I should be out having fun in bars , but I am afraid. My therapist does all my shopping and things that require seeing humans.